Royal Wedding Souvenirs for Dogs

We've re-thought and re-packaged 6 of our collar charms just in time for the Big Day!..Hope you love it #HarryandMeghan

The Meghan: Growlees Meghan collar charm is one of our faves for the independent bitch - be they dog or Meghan. "Yass Queens, I used to be a Hollywood star but now I'm a freaking princess." (quote unverified) #bowdownbitches


The Wills: When you're a big bro you have a huge responsibility. Espesh when your little bro has a penchant for flaunting it with half-naked girls and dressing in highly inappropriate gear. "Thank God Harry found Meghan and Invictus. Now I can safely be his #Wingman and best man." (Wills, Duke of Cambridge - unverified)

The Kate: "Happy days Meghan. Just remember who was here first. I might be middle class but I am proper British and the country loves me!"


The Queen Liz: "Welcome to the family Meghan. Don't forget your station and do remember I'm super old. I'm dead chuffed (no pun intended) you made my Harry happy."


The Philip: (positions ear trumpet) What? did someone get married? "Well, "Pip, Pip!"

Guy - Meghan's rescue beagle.
Congrats mom. Dead happy for the freaking amazing backyard!


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