NEW! Dog collar charms for fashion hounds

Dogs are into fashion as much as humans these days so we thought it about time we did something just for our fashionista furrends. The result: Growlees brand new collection of collar charms for stylish fashion hounds.

The Growlees Fashion Collection includes catchphrases such as ‘PET-A-PORTER’, ‘JIMMY CHEWER’, ‘I DON’T WALK I VOGUE’, ‘I’M NO BASIC BITCH’ (an homage to Kate Moss – the BOSS!), ‘DOG MUSE’, and ‘ATTENTION SEEKER' - to let your dog make the ultimate style ‘statement’.

They come in a six different colourways and unique packaging designed by French artist Walter Glassof (who's worked on campaigns for Isabel Marant, no less).
Whether you frequent the FROW or simply strut the urban runway, Growlees are guaranteed to ensure you and your model dog stand out.

Available exclusively online at Growlees.

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