Introducing Growlees dog collar charms for outspoken pups!


Introducing Growlees, our very-own collection of made in England collar and lead charms for outspoken mutts and their Growlmamas launched only this week. 

Thirty playful statements in four colour-ways, designed to be worn by both dog and dog-parents alike, make up our launch collection. With packaging delightfully illustrated by French artist Walter Glassof, Growlees charms are a fun and original gift for the pup or pup-lover in your life.
So why not add a Growlee or two to your dog's lead or collar; and complement him with one, or several, on your own key-ring or bag. Even better, collect them all and alternate to suit your mutual mood. Trust us, you'll both feel far better understood. 

Find a Growlees charm that suits your pup's personality at We hope you love them as much as we do!

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