Get your Growlees before we go!

Call us crazy but as Summer approaches, the nights draw brighter and the Mercury climbs in the Northern Hemisphere, Growlees will head South for Winter below the Equator.

It's a move motivated by family and as a small business not an easy choice to make. But enough about that.

This email is to reassure you. We are not shutting up shop but we will be slowing down for a few months as our products inch their way to Sydney on a very slow boat.

With this in mind, if you fancy purchasing something in our shop before we ship out please let us know. Place your orders by Monday 29 May 2019 (wholesale by 13 May) so that we can ensure delivery before we depart. Normal service will likely resume in August. 

We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support for our tiny business and hope that our move across the pond will not deter you from working with us.

As ever, we welcome your feedback on how we can service you better.

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  • Aha! That is why my order won’t go through! Sigh. Okay .. I"ll just wait until normal business resumes.

    Kate Muldoon

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